Dancing with our Local Schools (DWOLS) is a non-profit organization, working with our local schools to teach ballroom dance to the children.

Dancing with our Local Schools (DWOLS) provides children with a HEALTHY outlet for SELF- EXPRESSION and CREATIVITY as well as EXERCISE through MUSIC and BALLROOM DANCE, which promotes positive social interaction and increased self-confidence.

Our ballroom dance program designed for 4th-8th grade students in Southern California School Districts. During this 12 week, 20-40 hour program, students learn various styles of ballroom dance like the tango, salsa, rumba, swing and cha-cha.

Dance is different because it is a universal language. It gives our children the outlet and opportunity to learn how to express emotions in a positive way. It helps improve their sense of body image, staying physically and mentally fit. You have to trust your dance partner and develop teamwork…and that is exactly what the power of dance provides. “Family Talk” magazine estimates that students who dance also perform better academically than their non-dancing peers, achieving higher SAT scores and doing better in math and science.

Please join our efforts to bring this program to as many children as possible! It only costs $50 to support one child for a semester in this program.