Dance 4 Wellness is a social and ballroom dance studio founded in 2008. We specialize in enhancing an individual’s overall wellness through music and dance, thereby boosting emotional and physical wellness. Whether your goal is to feel as confident as Fred Astaire at the next dinner dance or wedding reception, travel the world on our exciting dance cruises, learn the passionate tango and reconnect with that special someone, or salsa your way into a nightclub, our professional instructors make learning to dance fun and easy.

According to the American Heart Association and AARP, dancing is one of the top 10 things you can do to help prevent heart disease,  especially among baby boomers. We are also passionate about our community outreach programs, bringing dance to those afflicted with Cancer through the Cancer Support Community for the last 6 years.

Dance 4 Wellness also runs a non-profit program for Youth called “Dancing with our Local Schools.” Founded in 2010, this program serves 4th and 5th grade students in Conejo Valley Unified Schools through a 24-week ballroom dance program, and is currently expanding into the Oxnard School District.
Over the last 6 years, Dancing with our Local Schools has served over 15 Conejo Valley Unified Schools and over 5,000 students, funded through individual grants and donations. Our mission is to provide children with a healthy outlet for SELF-EXPRESSION and CREATIVITY as well as EXERCISE through MUSIC and DANCE, which promotes positive social interaction and increased self-confidence.

Our Amazing Insturctors

Maria Durant
Maria DurantOwner and CEO

Maria Durant started dancing at 7 years old and is trained in ballroom, salsa, swing, ballet, jazz, gymnastics, hip hop and tap. She has been teaching and competing in ballroom dance since 2002. She also judges the Amateur and Pro-Am Salsa competitions every year.

Maria founded Dance 4 Wellness studio in 2008. Dance 4 Wellness’ mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment for people to express and grow through the joy of dance.  Dance 4 Wellness offers Salsa, Swing and Ballroom dance instruction to people of all ages, with her largest market being in the 50+ category.

In December 2010, Maria also started a non-profit called Dancing with our Local Schools, an effort she is passionate about as it brings ballroom dance and performing arts to 4th-8th grade throughout Ventura County through local grants and private funding.  Since 2010, Dancing with our Local Schools has taught over 5,000 students how to dance. Dancing with our Local Schools is currently used by Conejo School District to fulfill 50% of their PE requirements.

In May 2014, Maria received a prestigious award from Mayor Garcetti through the City of Los Angeles and the Small Business Administration and was named one of the top 20 small businesses in Southern California.

Dance 4 Wellness also gives back to its community by engaging students to participate in a non-profit effort with the Cancer Support Community to give ballroom dance lessons to those afflicted with Cancer and their loved ones.

Maria Durant’s dance background includes 10 years of formal training in ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics. She was trained and certified in American Smooth, American Rhythm, and Specialty Dances. She is trained and certified to teach all levels from novice through advanced social and competitive students in American Smooth (Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz), American Rhythm (Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing, Mambo, Bolero), Nightclub and Specialty Dances (Salsa, Merengue, Hustle, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Argentine Tango, Country-Western, Samba). In May 2008, Maria launched her own ballroom dance studio, Dance 4 Wellness, with one main objective: Share her love of dancing with people who may have never tried dancing at a traditional dance school. She wanted to create a “nightclub” environment that allowed people to learn how to dance and still be able to have a nice dinner and make an evening out of it at the same time. Today, Maria is excited to spread the joy and benefits of emotional and physical wellness that people feel when they dance and to inspire many others to learn.

Luke Spooner
Luke SpoonerInstructor
Luke Spooner has been teaching with us since Fall of 2009. His true passion is teaching. Whether in physics classes, on running trails, with music, or, of course, dancing. His end goal is not to perform, win, or surpass, but to assess and understand to a point where it can be clearly communicated and shared. This same mentality has been applied to his study of dance where he loves training and encouraging his students to dance with enjoyment and succeed with excellence towards any goal to which they may strive, whether it be on the social dance floor, for a showcase or in a competition. His detective mind is tempered by the enjoyment of people and the studio community.